The 'duties' that the Courts put to the Government: PAC, financing, coal …

The ‘duties’ that the Courts put to the Government: PAC, financing, coal …


Valladolid, June 28 (EFE) .- The proposals for resolutions approved today in the Cortes of Castilla y León at the request of the different parliamentary groups include a series of ‘duties’ and petitions to the new Government of Spain, among which the maintenance of the CAP, regional financing and a good deal with coal.

Among the proposals for resolution of the PP, which has managed to bring forward all of them, 18 unanimously, there are several addressed to the central government, such as the repeal of the new regulations of local secretaries, progress in regional and local financing, maintenance of the thermals at least until 2030 and the unification of the employment programs PREPARA, PAR and RAE, among other measures.

The PP has also demanded that the government defend the current configuration of the concession system of public transport, in addition to several investments in infrastructure such as the reopening of the railway between Aranda and Madrid.

In terms of dependency, the PP has asked the Government to comply with the State pacts in this area with greater funding and to regulate the conditions of accreditation of service providers.

Finally, in education, the popular have presented a proposal for establishing common bases for the development of Dual FP and that there is a test of access to the only university for the entire national territory.

In the case of the PSOE, it has only seen the approval of three resolutions, only one unanimously, precisely the one that mentions its maintenance in the Community pacts signed on common agricultural policy, cohesion funds and regional financing.

In addition, the Socialists have also claimed the necessary investments for the reopening of the railway line between Aranda de Duero and Madrid.

In industrial matters, the Socialists have argued that the Government should develop a Socioeconomic Development and Dynamization Plan for the districts around the decommissioned Garoña nuclear power plant, which has not been approved, and in terms of coal, has demanded full compliance of the 2013-2018 Coal Plan, look for the formula that avoids the closure of the existing thermal power plants and culminate the CIUDEN project as a reference for the clean consumption of coal, for which it has found the support of the rest of the parties except Citizens, which has been abstained.

Also in matters of energy, the socialists have claimed before the Junta and the central government the paralysis of the uranium mine project in the Salamanca municipality of Retortillo, something that Podemos and IU-Equo have also demanded, but that has been rejected by the PP and before what Citizens have abstained, which has been limited to supporting that there is a report on the impact on health.

In the same way, the Socialists have been in favor of asking the Government for sufficient investments to “reinforce the continuity and completion of the major roads and railways”, as well as the pending integration projects of ADIF and FEVE.

In terms of dependency, the Socialists have demanded that when a minor is recognized as dependent, Social Security will grant him his card so that he can have access to benefits such as a decrease in the price of the pharmacy.

For their part, Podemos and Ciudadanos have claimed to demand that the Government before the end of the state legislature propose a review of the regional financing system and promote a new model with sufficient resources for the tax and fiscal communities.

In the case of Ciudadanos, it has added demands in areas such as infrastructures, by joining the demand for the reopening of the railway between Aranda de Duero and Madrid, the prompt completion of the Duero dual carriageway and demanding a decisive boost to the Atlantic Corridor.

The promotion of a National Genomic Data Bank and the Social Security reestablish the financing in charge of the administration of the special agreement of the non-professional carers of people in situation of dependency have been the remaining demands of Citizens to the central Executive.

IU-Equo has also demanded a commuter rail corridor between Palencia, Valladolid and Medina del Campo, which has had the majority support of the Chamber, and the non-renewal of the tolls of the AP-6, the AP-51 and the AP-61 once they expire in November 2018, which has gone ahead with the only votes of Podemos, Ciudadanos and IU and the abstention of the PP, the PSOE and the Leonists.

In the case of the UPL, among its ‘duties’ to the Government stand out measures that serve for the survival of thermal power plants, the only test of access to the university, streamline the procedures to apply the discounts to carriers that run the AP- 71 (León-Astorga) and to repeal the Royal Decree on the Neighborhood Boards.